Bush’s Legacy is more than Iraq . . . *facedesk*

Yesterday, Kathleen Parker had posted on the Washington Post web site an article titled: “Bush’s legacy is more than Iraq.” In it she argues that W was

. . . more than a composite of swagger and smirk. He was also a kind man with a gentle heart who should be remembered as such.

To bolster her argument she writes about

. . . how he really did feel others’ pain.

and offers as examples how

Bush often met privately and without fanfare with the families of fallen soldiers.

By the time I finished the article, I incredulous and was ready to puke. Literally. I have only one observation to make: I just cannot see how visiting the families of people whose blood he had on his hands could be interpreted as an act of kindness. Were it not for his manufactured war with Iraq, these families would still be intact. Hubris, yes. Kindness? You’ve got to be kidding me. There could not be a greater insult or a better example of how unkind Bush is . . .

I take hubris back. No. To hubris I’d just add complete, utter, stark, total lack of awareness and conscience. The more I think about it, the more incensed I get . . .

I don’t know who’s worse . . . W for doing it or Parker for not appreciating the irony of what she said. How many ways can one say “insensitive?”

At least I’m not alone. Reading the 1300 or so comments made be feel better . . .

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